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Welcome to Our 5th Grade Team

Is a 5th Grader is in Your Family?

Our Class Philosophy is based on a Safe, Fun, Exciting, Diligent, Organized and Cooperative Learning environment.  We strive daily to use the General Learner Outcomes and Common Core State Standards to improve ourselves as individuals and as a team.  We enjoy getting to know each other while learning about what it takes to have a great Learning Community.  We find that our learning gives us a strong Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

To learn more about our Team Learning Community browse through the site.  You may find several helpful bits of information for parents, students and teachers.  Enjoy!

Use this link to learn more.  You will get answers on many things from how a Fifth Grader thinks, to different strategies to help them learn and creative ways to get them talking.
Understand more about your Fifth Grader by clicking on the link below.


Once School has Started

 Help your child stay in the game by: 

*Asking questions about school, friends, or their life in general and waiting for answers that come in the form  of complete thoughts.

*Set up a homework routine that includes a quiet place to work, time to check HW and signing the planner.

*Read each night for 30 mins.  Get the whole family involved by reading to each other!