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This page contains all you need to know about The Learning Team of C4.  Below you will find headings for the general information, links for upcoming student standards, and guides to help you keep your child focused on their goal to become better students and better people!          

Who is Mr. Harper?

Aloha and welcome to The Learning Team of C4's website. I am glad to see you are taking the time to learn a little about me.  I am excited about my fourth year at Haiku Elementary!   My experience includes teaching for 8 years at Princess Nahiena'ena Elementary in Lahaina on the island of Maui, Hawaii and have continue to love every minute of it!   All together I have been teaching in the Hawaii State public school system for 12 years.


My Teaching Philosophy

Education begins with a safe, respectful, caring classroom and school community where students feel a since of ownership and free to explore their surrounding world and who they are.  A teacher creates this community by focusing on the whole child as a person.  With this in mind each student has their own way of learning about various things.  It is the challenge of the teacher to be able to reach each student and guide them to reach their highest potential.  This is done by building a good rapport, having clear and positive classroom managment, using relevant and interesting teaching strategies, and by being a good role model.  Teachers teach as much through their actions as they do with their words.  As students feel comfortable in the classroom they can start down the road to becoming lifelong learners, develop personal responsibility and become a postitve  influence on their community.  I am really excited about teaching children! I enjoy helping them develop themselves academically as well to discover their personal interests.

Academic Background

I was born in the little coastal plain town of Plymouth, North Carolina and quickly move to the college town of Greenville where I lived until I was 18. I started my school career at the age of 3 where I attended The Little University Preschool. From there I attended Third Street Elementary K-3 and then onto Wahl-Coates Elementary 4-6. The next three years were spent at Greenville Middle School 7-9. In 1993 I graduated from J.H. Rose High School. In 1998 I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a BA in Natural Resource Recreation Management and a Minor in Geography. In 1999 I moved to Maui where I continued my education by taking Hawaii Natural and Cultural History classes at Maui Community College. I soon began to have an interest in working in the public school system as a classroom teacher. This lead me to earning a Masters in Education for Elementary grades K-6 in 2003. I have continued to attend educaton workshops both local and abroad. I love learning! This enthusiasm motivates me to reflect on myself as a person and my professional growth as an educator.

Professional Education Experience and "The Bug" for Teaching

Once I completed my undergraduate studies I began working for the National Park Service as a Park Ranger/Guide in the Interpretation Division. I began working in coastal North Carolina and the National Parks of the Outer Banks-- eventually making my way out to Haleakala National Park on Maui. While working at Cape Lookout National Seashore, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Moores Creek National Battlefield and Haleakala National Park I was continually doing research to develop my understanding of the local natural and cultural history of each site. This research was not just for my personal growth but to be able to create educational programs for all ages. These programs included hands on activities within Discovery Centers, walking tours, and theatrical presentations in costumes from the 1700's. This is where I began to get a sense of how good it feels to educate or share knowldege with others. "The Bug" for teaching was beginning to bite. I truly enjoyed the different experiences that I had at each park. All together I spent 2.5 years working with the National Park Service. In 2000 I left the Haleakala National Park to help start a new company called Neptune Underwater Adventures. The focus of our program was recreational helmet diving with an underwater communication system for educating the public about the marine environment. As Lead Naturalist I began to develop programs that focused on everything from effluent runoff to creatures that lived in the sand. I lead goups down to the sea floor to walk around and observe the underwater world first hand, After two years of teaching about Hawaii's natural world by doing underwater tours, I decided that classroom education was definately for me. In 2002 I enrolled at the University of Phoenix. During my graduate studies I taught at Kamehameha III, in Lahaina, as an Educational Assistant for grades 1-5, and as a longterm Substitute Teacher for Kindergaten, 1st, and 3rd grades. I also taught at Lahaina Intermediate as a longterm Substitute Teacher in the Intensive Learning Program for 6th and 8th grade. During the summer of 2002 I was the 1st to 2nd grade transition teacher at Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus.  My teaching at Princess Nahi'ena'ena Elementary include 6 years as a Fourth grade teacher and two as a Third Grade teacher.  These experiences continue to solidify my feelings and understanding of what it takes to be a teacher. I am hooked!

Honorable Mention

I am honored to have been selected as Educator of the Month for 2004 at Princess Nahienaena Elementary. I was chosen for my continued professionalism, dedication to quality teaching and my efforts to improve the school community. I have served as a Hawaii State Teachers' Association Representative, Teacher Representative for School Community Council, member of Lahaina Complex Language Arts Alignment Committee, member of Lahaina Complex Youth Health Committee for the teachers at Princess Nahiena'ena. I also served three years as Grade Level Chairperson for fourth grade.

Professional Development

My professional developement studies include these classes: Getting Students Connected to Their Learning, Promoting Higher Math Achievement, Motivating the Learner, Collaborative Analysis of Student Work, How to Get Parents on Your Side, and Engaging the Learner, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, and Positive Approaches for Teachers Classroom Management.  I have atteneded one Differentiated Instruction conference. I love continuing to learn and grow as an educator and a person.

My Family

I have a very wonderful, loving and supportive family. I have an amazing 4 year old son who is learning and growing everyday .  My beautiful wife Deborah owns a very successful business that she started 25 years ago. The rest of my family are many miles away in North Carolina. My mom and dad live on the beautiful farm where my dad grew up. My mom has recently retired from teaching 2nd- 3rd grades, for 22 years, in the public school system. My dad is a Physical Therapist and Sports Medicine provider for many of the local sports teams. I have a sister who is two years older and is happily married to her wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters.  They are currently enjoying life near the coast. I have a grandfather who enjoys dancing and taking care of his yard. Their love and support help make life that much more fun and easy.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies include spending time with my son and wife, dreaming of home improvements, working on home projects, surfing, traveling, reading, golfing, hiking, computers, videography, photography, playing organized sports, and playing disc golf. I placed 1st in the 2009 Hawaii State Championships for disc golf. My current Amateur World Ranking is 73rd.  I also enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee. At UNCW I played on our nationally ranked team where we made it to the semifinals at the College National Championships twice. Since then I have been to numerous tournaments including representing Hawaii in The World Ultimate Club Championships in 2002 where my wife and I played with a team called Hana Hou. We helped move our team rank from 42 to 10th in the world. My son, who observes, wife and I continue to play ulimate and disc golf twice a week.  Ultimate is a fun way of life for our family. Ultimate allows us to enjoy our good friends company while getting great exercise. Being a part of the Maui Ultimate Ohana has been a great place to meet new friends. The love for disc sports is being spread to young students across the globe including the Learning Team of C4. They love it!

Thanks for dropping by! Stop by again for updates and happenings.

Mr. Harper


Helpful Websites for Parents

Haiku Elementary Website-   Find out what is happening around the school.                         


Hawaii Department of Education-   Parent and Teacher resource for ALL education information from learning about the new Standards Based Report Cards to School quality reports.

State Standards: Skills your child will learn in Fourth Grade  

HDOE Parent Page-   Ideas for parents on how to help your child reach their highest potential with homework and in the classroom.

United States Department of Education-   Resources for helping your child be a reader at or above their level.

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Class Agreements

The Classroom Agreements are guidlines the students have developed as a team to help the classroom be a safe, efficient, and a fun learning community.  Each student signs the Classroom Agreements contract once they fully understand and agree to them.

  1. Respect all people.
  2. Be safe at all times.
  3. Have your learning tools ready to start.
  4. Listening:  Eyes and ears pointed at the speaker.
  5. Speaking:  Think first, raise your hand and wait to be called on. 
  6. Keep your desk clean and organized. 
  7. Always do your best!

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Daily Class Schedule

This schedule will be modified for the school year 2014-2015

Monday - Friday 7:45-2:00  Wednesday is early dismissal 1:15 for planning and professional development.

7:45-8:05       Morning Reflections/Warm Up

8:05-8:15       Picture Our Day 

8:15-9:30       Math

9:55-11:30     Language Arts

11:30-12:00   Specials (Health, Science)

12:45-1:15     Language Arts (Reading)

1:15-1:30       Class Reflections/Homework

1:30-2:00       Social Studies/Art


1:00-1:15      Class Reflections

                     This is the basis for our daily schedule.  We do integrate our curriculum throughout the day.

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Water Bottles

Students need fluids.  Especially in the climate we live in.  Students may bring personal water bottles to keep in the classroom.  This cuts down on the number of interruptions in our learning.  In an effort to teach students more about recycling, I encourage students to find a good water bottle that can be cleaned and reused on a daily basis.  Sports drinks are designed for adults who have been doing extreme activity and sweating a lot.  This is the reason for their high salt and sugar content. These levels are not necessarily the best source of fluids for young people.  If you have any more suggestions or questions feel free to contact me.

Student Snacks

Students need fuel to think!  Many times I have seen students come to school having eaten little to no breakfast.  This makes it very difficult for a child to be focused.  As part of our curriculum we are learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  For these reasons students are allowed to bring healthy snacks such as crackers with peanut butter, fruit (sliced to help with ease of eating), nuts, and vegetables.  These are all good sources of vitamins and minerals.  I encourage students to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  If you have any more suggestions or questions feel free to contact me. 

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Field Trips

Check back later for more information.

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Book Clubs

The joy of reading starts with a book you really love.  Students will be able to order books monthly through Scholastic Book Clubs.  I distribute the student "Lucky" and "Arrow" catalogue every month.  Please pay cash.  This will expedite the order.

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Report Cards

Students will recieve report card grades according to Common Core State Standards. The report card is divided into four sections: Quarter 1 Report, Semester 1 Status Report, Quarter 2 Report, and Semester 2 Status Report.  Report cards will be sent home the week following the end of each quarter and semester.  For more information on Standards Based Report Cards download the Parent Brochure here: Parent_Brochure

Quarter Report

Quarter Reports: Provides a preliminary indication of the student's progress toward attaining the standards taught.  A checkmark will indicate the amount of progress by using one of the five following descriptors. 

Status Report Scale Proficiency Level Descriptors

ME- Meets with Excellence: Demonstrates excellent achievement of the standards.

MP- Meets Proficiency: Demonstrates acceptable achievement of the standards.

DP- Approaches Proficiency: Is approaching acceptable achievement of the standards.

WB- Well Below proficiency: Does not demonstrate acceptable achievement of the standards or provides no evidence.

NA- Not applicable at this time: These standards have not been addressed at this time.

SC- See Teacher Comments

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Daily Grading

School Wide Grading Standards

The following is the School Wide Grading Standards Scale that is used at Princess Nahi'ena'ena. These percentages will give you an understanding of where the level of each student is according their level of skill mastery. This will be used as a part of the daily grading scale in our classroom.

ME Exceeds standards 95-100%

MP Meets standards 75-94% 

Approaches standards 60-79% 

Well below standards 0-59% 

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General Learner Outcomes

General Learner Outcomes are the essential overarching goals for all grade levels, from elementary through middle to high, and all of the academic disciplines, whether mathematics, career and life skills, health, or any of the seven other content areas. Every content standard and every benchmark and grade level performance indicator should support the learner’s progress towards these outcomes because they enable learners to lead full and productive lives.

These General Learner Outcomes do not exist in isolation, but should be an integral part of the school culture as demonstrated in daily classroom instruction and assessment. They are:

Click Here to see how students are graded on their accomplishments of the General Learner Outcomes.

Our Yearly Focus

As we begin a new school year we will continue to use the Hawaii State Standards for guiding our academics with a foundation of good Oral Communication, Critical Thinking Skills and Good Study Habits.  We will also continue to use the General Learner Outcomes (GLO's)  to help each child develop themselves as a whole person.  These skills will always be a great foundation to any learning.  As students grow they must be able to develop the ability to communicate orally and in writing with others.   Students need to take time to think about what they want to do or say then say it in a complete sentence(thought).  We can help students accomplish this by being a good model and having patience.  Encourage your child to develop Good Study Habits by setting aside a time and quiet place, that is clean and organized,  for them to do their homework. 

Parents, be on the lookout for....

Student Planners:  Everyday students write their homework down in their planner.  Please check their homework for neatness and completion.  Be sure to sign their planner and write any concerns.  Thank you.

Reading Logs: Students are required to read a minimum of 20 minutes each day outside of school.  Reading logs are one page the students use every day and night to record the amount of time and number of pages they read.  Each student sets their reading goals according to their own reading levels.  These logs are to be signed by the parents and turned in each Friday morning.  Ask you child what their reading goal is!

Student Portfolios: Each student will be keeping a record of tests, quizzes, assignments and reflections for each subject.  As the quarter progresses each student will take their portfolio home to be reviewed and signed by their parents.  

Healthy Community

  Please feel free to call or send an email if you have any questions.  Click on this link  Parents_Page and then click on  "Contact Mr. Harper."

Homework Policy

Homework, Planners, Binders

Students recieve homework assignments Monday through Friday and are to be turned in each day.   It should take the students from 15 to 45 mins. to complete their written work.  Students write their assignment in their planner and keep hardcopies in their binder.  Students and parents are responsible for a parents signagture each night.  Each student has an opportunity to earn a special seat at our end of the week Lunch Bunch as well as be in the 100% Homework Club for each quarter.  

Reading Logs

Monday through Sunday students are required to read for a set number of mins. at home and record their time in their Reading Log.  This is to be shown each day during homework check and then signed by a parent and turned in at the end of the week.  Students set a weekly reading goal of at least 125 pages and are graded  according to their goal.  When a student completes a book and a Reading Response to that book they may stamp our Classroom Cares reading poster.